5 Characteristics of a commitment phobic person

Not everyone can easily romantic and committed relationship with another person . Some people have a tendency called commitment phobia . Commitment phobic people who normally can not be too attached to someone in his life .

Then, if you include people who are commitment phobic ? Check the characteristics below , as reported by the All Women Stalk .

1 . sabotage
One sign is the commitment phobic guys when you guys sabotage on your own relationship . After a long-running relationship all of a sudden you want to end it for no reason just because it did not want the relationship to continue into a more serious direction . You try to keep the prison so as not to touch too close to someone .

2 . Preferred to be alone
Are you more comfortable alone than with other people tied for life ? If so , maybe you have a phobia of commitment . For some people bound to other people can sound awful .

3 . fear of change
One characteristic is a commitment phobic person they fear a change in themselves or their lives . Obviously when committed by a person there are many things that will change for the common interest and solidarity . It could be someone commitment phobic because they fear their lives changed because it is tied to other people .

4 . The purpose of life
Some people do not want a serious relationship and did not want to commit because they are afraid do not have time to reach their life goals , it could be in terms of career or money . This should not be a problem because a person can still keep commitments while pursuing their dreams .

5 . Can not be bound
On commitment phobia person who usually has a personality that can not be bound . Try to see your everyday habits , is it hard to commit to one thing , in addition to a romantic relationship ? If so , it could be you do not have enough sense of dedication to be bound by the terms , including a commitment to a romantic relationship .

Do you have the above characteristics ? If so , it could be you have a phobia of commitment . One thing you should do is you should not be evasive . You must accept that you have a phobia of commitment , then try to change it .

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